November 7, 2012

Board of Directors

The business of the skating club is carried on by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors hires the professional coaches, rents the ice, organizes the schedule and sets the fees. These people are serving the club on a voluntary basis and at all times have the welfare of the club in their best interest.

Board of Director meetings are held every month and all TFSC members are welcome to attend.  Meeting dates and times will be posted.

The Tilbury Figure Skating Club would like to introduce you to our 2018-2019 Board Members.  They are as follows:

President Sharron Skipper
Vice-President Tammy Nussey
Treasurer Sharron Skipper
Test Chairperson Tammy Bowden
Parent Liaison Joyce Johnson
Program Assistant Rep Cathy Overdulve
Bingo Chairperson Karen Vogler
Hospitality Tammy Bowden
Public Relations Sandy Peck
Carnival Chairperson Tammy Nussey
Carnival Co-Chairperson Tammy Bowden
Canskate Chairperson Krislyn Malott & Cathy Overdulve
Newsletter/Advertising Sandy Peck
Fundraising Board of Directors
Coaches Rep Debby Daigneau
Web Master Joyce Johnson
Ice Captain Joyce Johnson
Bulletin Board Joyce Johnson
Hononary Board Members Mary Jane Deschamps, Gail Laporte, Sue Marchand