September 7, 2018


Pre-Canskate is a component of CanSkate. The Pre-CanSkate program is designed for participants who have never skated before or skaters who are not yet confident with their balance on the ice.

Pre-CanSkaters work on the essentials needed to move safely and effectively on the ice, so they are prepared to move through the different learning stations: Balance, Control, and Agility. There are eight basic skills that will ready the skaters for Stage 1.

The Pre-CanSkate learning stage is motivated through props and play. Skaters will learn through visual teaching aids and props with also the incorporation of music. As the skaters’ skills progress, the skaters will rotate through the learning stations.

CanSkate – Parent & Tot is being offered this year as an alternative to our Pre-CanSkate session. It will give an option for skaters who require hands-on assistance getting up and maneuvering on the ice that we are unable to accommodate because of COVID. “Parent” includes members of the skater’s household or members of their social circle.  All participants on a Parent & Tot session must be registered with Skate Canada. Parents will be responsible for assisting their skater on the ice during the session. Parents must be able to effectively skate on their own and support their skater if necessary. Parents must wear a CSA approved helmet if their own skating level is below Stage 5 or equivalent.