September 7, 2018

STAR 1-5 Program Assessments

The STAR 1-5 program encourages long-term athlete development and the tenets of skating for life. This new program replaces the former Preliminary & Junior Bronze Program which is now phased out.

Skate Canada ensures that ALL coaches have taken and successfully fulfilled all aspects of the training course designed to meet all requirements of the “Assessment Component” of the STAR 1-5 in order to evaluate or “assess” their skaters level.

This “Assessment” component of the STAR 1- 5 Programs is a major change to what we have known as LOW TESTING. In the past TFSC held LOW TEST DAYS that were conducted on a specific day separate from registered skating times of skaters. They were “tested” or evaluated by an independent evaluator under the director of Skate Canada Volunteer Evaluators. NOW this process is done by your Skaters’ Base Coach at skaters regular scheduled skating session.

Costs for Assessments: Each assessment is $12.00

The coach will notify skater a prior to the assessment date.