Club Info

Sept.9th –  1st day of skating
Sept. 20th- 22nd –  Isabelle Henderson Memorial Invitation Competition – Paris
Oct. 14th –  Thanksgiving  (NO SKATING)
Nov. 7th – Test Day (Tentative)
Nov. 16th –  Hockey Tournament (NO SKATING)
Nov. 22nd – 24th –  John McKay Memorial Invitational Competition, Tillsonburg
Dec. 7th – 8th –  Bill Phillips Synchro Competition, Stratford
Dec. 16th –  SANTA Is Coming (4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.)
Dec. 23th –  Last day of skating 2013
Dec. 25th –  “Merry Christmas”
Jan. 1st, 2014 –  “Happy New Year”
Jan. 2nd –  1st day of skating 2014
Jan. 3rd – 5th –  Charles Dover Memorial Invitational Competition, Grimsby
Jan. 18th – 19th – Abela/McPhedran Memorial Invitational Competition, Sarnia
Jan. 25th – 26th –  Lloyd Ogilvie Synchro, Chatham
Jan. 30th –  Test Day (Tentative)
Feb. 7th – 9th –  Dennis Silverthorne Memorial Invitational Competition, St. Thomas
Feb. 9th Hockey Day in Canada (NO SKATING)
Feb. 21st – 23rd –  WO STARSkate & Adult Showcase, Caledonia
Mar. 1st – 2nd –  Futures West Competition, Harrow
Mar. 4th –  Western Ontario High School Skating Invitational Competition, Aylmer
Mar. 20th –  Test Day (Tentative)
Mar. 29th – 30th –  Deveau/Winfield Synchro Invitational Competition, Dresden
Apr. 4th –  Regular Skating
Apr. 5th –  Carnival