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Program Assistants

The role of the Program Assistant is to assist the Skate Canada Coaches in the delivery of the program.  Program Assistants will be trained by the Club Coaches and must attend a P.A. clinic in September.  The training will be on-going throughout the season.  in this way, Program Assistants will continue to improve their ability to assist skaters learning to skate as well as leading warm-up, cool downs, circuits, stations and fun activities.  Another advantage is they will trained specifically for our club's programs.  This system will foster a teamwork approach to teaching skating.  P.A.'s must be 10 years of age and have passed Preliminary Free Skate Test.

Program Assistant’s for the 2016/2017 Season

Audrey Durocher

Ashley Bellmore

Erika Peck

Jensen Bowden

EmilyAnn La Butte

Julia Vanheugten

Jessica Buxton

Paige Labadie

Ethan Vanheugten

Emily Desmarais

Emma McGrail

Sofia Humphrey

Vanessa Morrison

Alyssa Morrison

Teri Reid

Angie Sims